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You win in the mind first

Author and motivational speaker, Jon Gordon, shares a message about mindset and how to be the best team player. My takeaway from the message was "You create your world from the inside out." It was a great reminder for me to think about my circle of influence. Often, I let what is outside my circle directly affect me when I have no control over it. Covey says, "When we focus on things we can influence, we expand our knowledge and experience, and we build trustworthiness. As a result, our circle of influence grows."

Important Dates

Week 9

October 17: Book Fair and Fall Conference Week

-Digital Citizenship Week

-Bike Rodeo after school

October 18: Late Night Book Fair and Fall Conferences

-New Nurse Starts

October 19: Foundation Day

October 20:

October 21: Fire Drill 10:00 a.m.

-Term 1 Cut Off

Jacket League

Instilling Leadership One Kid at a Time!

Monday: Mr. Mattke

Tuesday: Mr. Watson

Wednesday: Mr. Cilio

Thursday: Mr. Baley

Friday: Mr. Melton


Lana Edwards- October 23


Front Curb with Safety Patrol



Mondays: Kindergarten/First Grade

Tuesdays: 2nd Grade

Wednesdays: 3rd Grade/4th Grade

Thursdays: 5th Grade

Fridays: 6th Grade