Staying In-the-Know


Dutch Fork Elementary Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I

VIP Folder

-progress reports

-Crossroads registration forms (please send back the white copy by Monday, March 9th); If your child is going to Irmo Middle school, there will not be a form in his or her VIP folder

-Crossroads Field Trip Permission slip (due Thursday, March 12th)


MAP Reading: Monday @ 9:30

MAP Math: Tuesday @ 9:30

Tips for success...

-encourage your child to their best

-have your child get plenty of rest the night before

-have your child eat a balanced breakfast

-minimize stress as much as possible

Saluda Shoals

I'm sad to have missed all the fun at Saluda Shoals, but I heard it was a great day!

Visiting Zaharis Elementary in Mesa, Arizona

Missed you all!

I truly missed everyone on Monday and Tuesday, but I had the wonderful opportunity of missing Zaharis Elementary in Mesa, Arizona. When we arrived on Monday, we had time to hike Camelback Mountain. Wow! That's the best way I can articulate the natural beauty I observed. It was 1400 feet of hard work to the top, but worth every hard step once we got there. This was a true reminder of perseverance.
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Jump Rope for Heart