The History Of Football

By: Mitchell Brown

The Dawn Of The New Age In Sports

In 1869 the first game of what to be know as football was played. Princeton and Rutgers play the first game of football, but it was more like a contest than a game back then. Back then it looked different and did have the same rules and regulations today's football has. The sport was a lot like rugby, but also like soccer, thats where footballs inventor Walter Camp got the idea from. As the sport came along it became more like rugby. When is actual became a sport the nfl had title games but now super bowl because there was lease teams back then.

The Sport As We Know It Today

Football is a great sport today and people have fun watching it in the world but more in the US. 50 Million watched the first super bowl, now 110 Million watched the super bowl now. Its hard to believe that football just pasted number 49 in super bowl and now going to be super bowl 50, a milestone number.