Green Tea Diet

By: Courtney Turacy

Claims Made For The Green Tea Diet

According to trandition green tea increases blood flow, stimulates the immune system, and maintains the well-being of the body with very little caffine. It Also helps cure:


Body aches



Other Claims That Maybe Suspicious....

One claim states the consumption of green tea can help prevent pre-mature death as well be the cause to certain cancers?

What Can Be Eaten And What Should Be Limited

Use artificial sweeteners to your coffee or tea or better yet give up on coffee all together. Also avoid the natural sweeteners.

Compared To The Food Pyramid

Based on the food pyramid green tea provides unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Promises and Claims To This Diet For Vulnerable People...

One of the hardest promises to be kept for this diet is cutting back on fats.

Long Term Health Issues?

May cause an increase in kindeny stones and medication interactions.

Important Information To Be Added

Green tea is a toxic preventer, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol. If you're pregnant be sure to talk to your doctor about this beverage.