Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By:Genesis Cubias

What is the Columbian Exchange???

  • The Columbkian Exchange is just a trade route.
  • It was opened in 1493.

Why do I want to vote for the Columbian Exchange (positive)

  • In the Columbian Exchange one positive is if never opened it then we would have never gotten some of the yummy foods that we eat today like chocolate.without it you would't even get to eat your favorite food.
  • Another positive thing about the Columbia Exchange that it fed lost of the Irish (the potato was really important to them it helped them survive)
  • The last thing that was positive to us about the Columbia Exchange is that whenever Columbus brought horses to the Americans started to us them for riding on hunting

why do I want to vote for the Columbia Exchange (negative)

  • The first negative thing about the Columbia Exchange is that all of the potato's started to grow fungus and killed most of the Irish.
  • The next thing that is negative is all of the bad diseases that were brought to the Americas during the Columbia Exchange.
  • The last negative fact about the Columbia Excahnge is that they had lost of deaths in the Columbia Exchange. That is really bad because if all of them died then we would't have had some of the foods from the Columbia Exchange.
And those were all of the positive and negative things about the Columbia Exchange.