Ballyshannon SEL

April 22-26

Happening This Week in SEL

Monday- Mindfulness Body Scan, Resiliency Poll for all grades

Tuesday - Mindfulness Breathing
6th grade-Mindfulness Walking outside
7th grade-Second Step Lesson on Challenge Resolving Conflicts
8th grade-Second Step Lesson on Challenge Resolving Conflicts

Wednesday - Mindfulness Coloring
6th grade-Second Step Lesson on Challenge Resolving Conflicts

7th and 8th grade-Mindfulness Walking outside

Thursday - Mindfulness Meditation and Community Circle
6th grade-What are some possible effects of being involved in a conflict, both bad and

good?Think of a serious conflict you’ve had with a friend. How did it change your

relationship with that person?How could that conflict have been avoided?If you just try

hard enough, is it possible to avoid all conflicts with friends? Why or why not?

7th grade- How does it feel when you’re in the middle of a conflict? Compare how you

feel during a conflict to how you feel afterward. What’s different? Why is it difficult to

calm down when in a conflict?If you see a conflict starting between other people, what

can you do to help calm the situation?

8th grade-Why is this necessary in resolving conflicts? How can you zoom out to gain

perspective during a conflict?How can you take responsibility for yourself in a

conflict?Discuss the importance of being open and flexible when trying to resolve a

conflict.Why is it important to reflect empathy with others to resolve a conflict?

Friday - Mindfulness Coloring and SEL Mentoring Day-Relationship building and practicing Student Led Conferences with Peers