The Friar

Everything You Need to Know

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About Friars

The Friars were pledged to a life of poverty. In medieval England, friars could be "licensed" both to beg in particular regions, and to earn money by hearing confessions or administering the sacraments. Since friars were not supposed to own property, these licenses were their only means of supporting themselves. But this situation led to rivalry between friars, who could travel from place to place soliciting donations, and the religious figures like parish priests who also depended upon their communities for donations

The Friar From Canterbury Tales

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The Friar from the Canterbury Tales like all of the other religious figures in the stories is a very corrupt one. He wears a double lined coat (fancy), has multiple wives, spends his time with noble men and women, and has bribed officials into giving him full begging rights in one area. As a friar he is supposed to help the poor but where's the money in that?

His Story

His story doesn't really serve a moral point besides the obvious and ignored rules of don't lie or cheat. The main purpose is actually to make fun of the Summoner and his occupation.
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