Piercings in School

Should piercings be allowed in high school?

Piercings Increases Students Self-Confidence

Out of the 824 students surveyed, 51% of them think their piercing boosts their confidence. They think of it as a way to express themselves in a totally unique way.


Is It Religious??

A lot of religions require a form of tattoo or piercing on the body. With imagration rates skyrocketing more and more religions are coming to American schools. With this rule still in place, American schools are almost dishonoring some religions.

Should A Student Be Able to Expess Themselves in Anyway?

If Our Parents Approve It, Why Can't We Have It?

If our parents approve it why can't we have it? If a person is under the age of 18 they have to have a signed paper from a parent saying they approve this peircing. Whether it be a nose gage or just as simple as an ear peircing. With this law no student (under 18) will have a face full of peircings which can end up in a distraction of the classroom.
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