Archiving Mail in Outlook

Outlook Add-In for Archiving

Using the Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-In

The Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-in allows you to perform various functions with messages that are stored on your organization's Barracuda Message Archiver, including:

  • Synchronization of your archived folders with Outlook
  • Search for archived messages and other Microsoft Outlook data, such as Contacts
  • View and interact with (forward, reply to, etc.) all of your archived Outlook items
  • Message Attachments
  • Archive messages

These functions are available directly from within Outlook, allowing transparent access to your messages and attachments, all with no browser interaction required. All that is needed is a network connection to your organization’s mail server and to the Barracuda Message Archiver.
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Logging In to Archive

Launch the Archiver by clicking 'Archive' on the ribbon in the Barracuda Networks group. The first time you use the Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-in, you are prompted to enter your login credentials:

  • The URI:
  • Your complete email address, for example,
  • Your network password, same as your email password

Once you enter these details and click OK, Microsoft Outlook automatically remembers your login credentials, and there is no need to enter this information again unless you change your password. If you forget your password or are unable to access the Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-in, contact your system administrator. Messages will be automatically archived.

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Searching To search archived items, click the Search Archive ( ) icon to open the Barracuda Message Archiver Search dialog box:

  • Look for drop-down menu – Select the type of item you wish to search for; select Any type of Item, Appointments, Contacts, Messages, Notes, or Tasks.  In drop-down list – Select the search location: o All data – Search everywhere in the selected item type o
  • Specific folders – Click to Specific folders, or click Browse to select one or more folders across all of your Archiver stores in which to search; click OK to save your selections

Message Results

All messages that match the specified criteria are returned in the search window. Double-click an item to open it in Outlook, or right-click to select an action to perform on the selected item.
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