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Books Due This Week: None

Classes Scheduled This Week:

Library Orientation:

Tues., 9/29 - McAtee, Manriquez

Wed., 9/30 - Foreman

Thur., 10/1 - Zahn, Manriquez

Check the DATA Library Calendar on our library web site and email me directly to schedule a free time.

General Library Info

Books checked out this week aren't due until after break. Encourage students to come in for fall break reading.

If you want to help your students find books in their AR levels, check out the video instructions.

Netbook News

DyKnow Running Smoothly

DyKnow is back on track and seems to be running smoothly. If you haven't used it before, it's a great way to manage and monitor your students' computer use in the class. You can send them links and messages and allow only specified apps and web sites.

If you don't have DyKnow on your computer, please let me know. Login info is the same as your computer login.

Cracked Screenus Abundis

We are once again having an abundance of screen cracks, predominantly among 8th graders. Please help them keep their computers safe in classrooms by reminding them to charge safely, keep their computers away from the edges of their desks, and put them in safe places when not in use. (Specifically, not on the floor where people are walking.)

Thank You!

Thank you for reading the Lighthouse! Please email me @ with the phrase, "I Read the Lighthouse" to be entered in our quarterly drawing. Each week that you read and email, you will be entered into the drawing. Brittany...I owe you a prize.