The Wiper Wave

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Dear Friends,

Over the past year I've been working on a Kickstarter Campaign with out here in Seattle with a friend of mine. It is for a product we're calling 'The Wiper Wave'.

The idea is simple. The Wiper Wave is a hand that attaches to your rear windshield wiper so that you can wave to the people around you in traffic. An easy to use product that makes driving more fun, reducing stress and road rage in traffic.

We are using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise money for our first manufacturing run. Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform. If we reach our goal then we get the funding, but even a dollar short and we lose it all.

A lot of people have asked us how they can help, beyond pledging to the campaign. Once the campaign launches, besides pledging money, there are two ways you can help:

1. When we launch, share the heck out of this.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, Word of Mouth. Once we launch we need to get the word out to as many people as possible. We'll email you saying the campaign has begun and then please share the link to our Kickstarter page to your networks.

2. If you know anyone who works at a blog/news site/sends out newsletters, introduce us!

Cold emailing bloggers has a response rate of less that 1%, but that number goes up significantly if there is a personal introduction. If you know someone who works on or has a platform that disseminates content let us know so that we can send them information about our project!

Doing one or both of these two things will be the difference between our success and failure.

We’re really excited to get this campaign going. Check out our included Kickstarter video to see The Wiper Wave in action!

Thank you all : )