Save the marine life:marine biology

Ben Yager

About marine biology

Marine biology is an umbrella to a lot of other professions using marine sciences and biology. They study the environment and the species in our oceans. Some go out to the ocean to study the field and observe. Others become a professor and teach about marine biology. It is just which ever path you wanna take.

Education and experience

Anyone can do this job that has a college degree and the right education and training. Education includes doing as many classes that involve marine sciences and biology. A doctorate degree is recommended. You must be a good problem solver, good with animals, and patient. Experience is just volunteering and getting a taste for the field. Volunteering at aquariums, zoos, and wildlife rescue centers. Also seek internships in the field


Salary for beginners is from about $25,000-$35,000

As you advance in the field salary goes to about the average salary for marine biologists at about $52,000

For experienced and for really advanced marine biologists can go up from $103,000-$180,000


  • Get to travel all over the world
  • Health insurance is almost always included if they work for an entity such as an aquarium, university, or a conservatory
  • Salary increases as you stay in the profession longer
  • Ability to contribute to help marine life and the environment

Try it out

In conclusion, marine biology may seem like a lot of studying and education, but it is a great field to go into. You get the ability to help marine life, so that kids will always enjoy the marine life at aquariums.