Scat Poster

By: Kieran Hendel

Title: Scat

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Genre: Realistic Fiction

The main settings are Nicks house, the swamp, school, and Smokes house. The mood in Nicks house is tense, sad, worried, and supportive. The Swamp's mood is mysterious, sneaky, panic, and suspenseful. The school is agony, worried, crazy, and tense. Smokes house is crazy, depressed, distant, and lonely.

Nick and Marta are in Ms.Starch's biology class when she gets in an argument with Smoke who bites her pencil in half, eats it, and walks out. The next day their on field trip in the Black Vine Swamp when a so called " wild fire" breaks out. Ms. Starch goes back to get an inhaler for a student and doesn't show up for about two mouths. Nick, whose dad is now an apputte back from Iraq, now has his arm strapped behind his back, and Marta are found by Twilly snooping around in Ms. Starch's house and told to never come back. Meanwhile Smoke comes back to school looking a lot sharper than before is suspected of arson when the fire is found out to be not so wild. Jimmy, who works for Red Diamond Oil Company, tries to set up Smoke, because he was the one that did , and it works because he plants Smokes backpack with a blowtorch and the Sheriff try's to arrest Smoke but fails and now no one knows where he is. Smoke later ends up staying with Nick when he learns his dad left the hospital without permission and now has to go back, his mom goes up later to stay with him, and they have babysitter whose attention span isn't very good. Nick and Marta stole away in Twillys/ Ms. Starch's car and they find out where and what Ms. Starch has been doing for the past month, taking care of a panther cub. They soon go one a search with Twilly, Smoke, and Ms. Starch to find the mother. They eventually do but things look bleak when Drake shots wildly at it. In the end Nick returns the panther cub, and gets a broken right arm. Jimmy gets arrested but gets paroled though he has to testify against Drake, who also got arrested. Ms. Starch returns healthy and a little less stern. Twilly disappears to some islands and it seems he plans to stay there for awhile. Nicks dad returns and they go fly fishing but they don't do very well.

Theme: The authors message was that you should not mess with nature because there are usually people to stand up for it and nature itself.

Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It was really interesting, suspenseful, exciting, and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Duane Sr.: talented, depressed, lazy, angry, wary, and later on hopeful, working, happier, and a bit more inviting. Grizzled face, uncaring expression, chubby, and