News from the Middle (School)

Miss Foyle - Religion & LA - 3/27/15

Reminders & Such

*Stations of the Cross (en espanol) will be led by our 8th grade students on Holy Thursday (4/2) at 8 a.m. in St. Joseph's Church - all parents and guests are encouraged and invited to attend.

*Easter Vacation begins Friday, April 3 (Good Friday) and ends on April 10. School resumes Monday, April 13th. No aftercare or afterschool activities will be held on Thursday, April 2nd. Please plan accordingly. Have a safe break and a blessed Easter.

*8th Grade Service Hours should be turned in as they are completed. There are lots of organizations and places around Chicago in need of help. Just this past week, a few students volunteered at a local nursing home (see photo below). Ideas for service projects include helping to decorate churches for Easter, helping stuff Easter baskets, working at Misericordia or Feed My Starving Children, volunteering at nursing homes, etc.

*Remember to check and sign your child's red assessment folder each weekend. This is the primary method for teachers to communicate assessment scores.

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Class Updates

6th Grade LA

Reading: The students kicked off their nonfiction unit this week, as they chose from three different titles for their book clubs: Unraveling Freedom (WWI), Elephant Talk (elephant & human communication), and Into the Unknown (exploration). They were excited to jump right in, and they did so with a text features scavenger hunt and their first reading assignments. Time was dedicated in class to reviewing expectations for book club journal entries. We are off to a great start, and students will start meeting in their small groups next week.

*At home students should be reading a chapter book of choice. Their next Whatcha Readin' card will be due after spring break.

Writing: Students worked both independently and with partners to revise and edit their original folklore stories. Many used common fables or myths as starting points for their stories. Once stories are scored, students will be able to share them with one another. Later in the week, students revisited argumentative writing, going over the essentials and then responding to a given prompt. More practice (independent and paired) will be done in the coming weeks.

Grammar: Students worked on capitalization and proper punctuation of titles this week. They also reviewed initials and abbreviations. Students are nearly finished learning the 6th grade grammar concepts!

Word Study: This week's root was POS/POT, meaning "power." Words like POTential, POSsessive, and omniPOTent helped us making meaning of this root.

Genius Hour: This week we learned from various students about sharks as well as how boys and girls' brains differ. We have a full line-up of presentations for next week too. Students' presentation and public speaking skills are definitely improving.

7th Grade Religion

Over the weekend, students finished their at-home prayer journal entry projects. These will be scored in addition to the videos/posters they prepared in class last week.

On Monday, students prayed the Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph's Church using the school's reflection booklets. On Tuesday, they wrapped up moral decision-making by talking about means vs ends and by thinking through some dilemmas/scenarios. To end class, they worked in small groups to participate in an ethical dilemma (lifeboat) activity.

Students spent Thursday and Friday exploring Holy Week in more depth, starting with trying to grasp God's immeasurable love for us. They reflected on Holy Week readings from the Bible, and they watched some thought-provoking videos.

8th Grade Religion

Students prayed Stations of the Cross on Monday - due to the snow, this was done in the classroom. On Tuesday, students did not have Religion class due to the 7th grade Reconciliation service.

Picking up on Thursday, the eighth graders completed their Acts of the Apostles unit by taking an assessment. Then, on Friday, students entered into a short study of Holy Week.