Principal Update

Kittitas Elementary School

April 9, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and as happy as possible. Over the last three weeks, our staff has been working diligently to transition to a distance learning model in response to the Covid-19 closures. This work has included numerous trainings, innovative schedule design, and the identification and distribution of over 60 Chromebooks to families in need. Every meeting, click of the button, and phone call has been motivated by our desire to provide the best distance learning possible because that is what KES students deserve--all of them. We want to thank you for the patience and grace you have shown us during this time, and we hope you will continue to extend this understanding as we move into uncharted territory together.

We recognize our current situation is new, surreal, and at times, scary, so we will be focusing on three goals for the rest of the year, goals we refer to as the 3 Cs: communication, consistency, and control. We believe these qualities will right a rocky ship and help bring a bit of certainty during a time of uncertainty. If you're interested in reading more about the importance of the 3 Cs, click here

We also want to focus on the social-emotional aspects of distance learning and Covid 19, so we will be incorporating social-emotional activities into weekly lessons. Our School Counselor, Linda Venable, will also host virtual office hours for students in need of support and/or academic tutoring (More info below). In the meantime, I encourage you to talk to your children about their emotions--some children can mask their emotions well, so it's our job to draw them out every now and then.

Above all, please remember this is new for everyone, so grace and flexibility is most necessary. I have no doubt that we will continue to rise to this historic occasion, and as always, I welcome your questions, feedback, and innovative ideas on an ongoing basis.

My Best,

Del Enders

KES Principal

Key Dates

  • 4/10 Learning Packet Pick Up @ KES, 10AM-12PM
  • 4/13 Official First Day of Distance Learning
  • 4/16 First Zoom Meeting, Grades 3-5, 10AM-10:15AM (details to follow)
  • 4/17 First Zoom Meeting, Grades PK-2, 9AM-9:15AM (details to follow)
  • 4/17 Learning Packet Pick Up @ KES, 10AM-12PM
  • 4/24 Learning Packet Pick Up @ KES, 10AM-12PM


  1. Please review the KES Distance Learning Schedule by clicking here:
  2. All previously scheduled Kinder Info Nights and Round Up days are postponed. However, we are still accepting registration at this time. Please submit a enrollment request here:
  3. School Counselor Services, Tu-Th, 11 AM - 12 PM and 1 PM - 2 PM. Click here to access video chat
  4. Know someone in need of internet. Have them call Consolidated Communications 1.844.YOUR.CCI.
  5. We will use Google Classroom (3-5) and Seesaw (Pk-2) to facilitate on-line learning. Teachers will provide key information through these pages.
  6. What is Seesaw and how to sign in to Seesaw?
  7. What is Google Classroom and how to access Google Classroom?-
  8. By the end of the first week, teachers will conduct live "chat" sessions according to the dates and times above. We will use an online video application called Zoom.
  9. How to join a Zoom Meeting?
  10. If your child has received a district Chromebook, their is a specific way to login in and setup WiFi. Click here for instructions
  11. If you need technical support, send email to