December 2013

Lowell LLC News

Grade Level Updates

Kindergarten has started taking books from the shelves! They learned how each book has its own "address" on the shelf, just like we have an address, too. In January we will be learning about fiction and non-fiction books.

First Grade students made videos to help the Kindergarteners with their shelf markers and worked on making connections between two different books (text to text connections).

Second Grade worked on distingushing between fantasy and realistic fiction. They are now experts! In January, we will be learning about the research process.

Third Grade learned about encyclopedias. We explored a World Book Encyclopedia set, a single volume encyclopedia and had a chance to click around on World Book Student Online! In January, students will be introduced to Destiny Quest and learn about being good digital citizens.

Fourth Grade has been focusing on genres. We have learned about many different fiction and non-fiction genres as well as their characteristics. Next month, we will be creating book talks and sharing our new genre distinguishing skills.

Fifth Grade is getting ready for a very exciting project! We reviewed how to take great notes, evaluated notes we've taken, and had a "Biography Tasting" to find new people we might want to learn more about. We start our official research when we return!

Genre Bingo

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders have been working towards a "Genre Bingo." Much like summer reading, if your child chooses to complete the bingo board, he or she will earn a prize! These are due back by the end of January and books from anywhere (your house, Wheaton Public Library, Lowell Library) count towards the bingo!

If you have any questions, please send and email - I will be happy to help!