BSE Homegrown

February 15-19

Weekly Events

Monday, February 15

  • Student Make-up Day
  • Jump Rope for Hear campaign begins

Tuesday, February 16

  • Interims/Signed papers go home
  • STAR Testing begins for some 2nd/3rd graders
  • Mooresville Visit
  • Tech Tuesday with Tina (2nd/3rd) 2:45-3:30

Wednesday, February 17

  • Watershed for 3rd Grade
  • Teacher Preview (all teachers will receive 50.00 and student teachers will receive 25.00)
  • PBIS/RtI Meeting (2:45)

Thursday, February 18

  • Book Fair begins
  • SIC Meeting rescheduled for February 25th

Friday, February 19

  • Six Flags Reading Logs due
  • Club Day
  • Pajama Day for Chick-fil-a Spirit Winners

    K4: Brown (PM)

    K5: Mills

    1st: Gossett

    2nd: Mitchell

    3rd: Lane

Saturday, February 20

Republican Primary @ BSES

Need to Know News

Jump Rope for Heart

February 15th, we will begin our Jump Rope for Heart Campaign. Last week, our PE coaches put together a presentation sharing with students the purpose behind Jump Rope for Heart. We are looking forward to a great response. All checks need to be made to the American Heart Association.

To access our school page, please click here.

STAR Testing

STAR Testing will begin for some of our 2/3 graders this week. The testing will run through next week.

Book Fair

It is that time of year again.....and boy is this year going to be filled with giveaways. The Book Fair will begin on February 18th and conclude on February 26th. We will have a character dress up day on February 23. A 1st and 2nd place winner will be picked in each grade level.....1st place will receive a 10.00 gift certificate to the Book Fair while 2nd place will receive a 5.00 gift certificate.

Teachers will receive a 50.00 vouchers. Please ensure that you use this money for classroom purposes. This is not to be used to purchase books for personal children. PTA donates this money to give back to classrooms. I would also, respectfully ask, that this money be spent by February 24th. It does not look good to our PTA when donated funds are not put to use. Also those with student teachers, please let them know that PTA will be giving them 25.00 vouchers to spend as well, in hopes, of helping them to build their own classroom libraries.

We would love to have all faculty/staff/student teachers to dress up for the character dress up day. We will be giving away prizes to students, but teachers will be receive prizes as well. 1st place will receive and extra 50.00 to the Book Fair and 2nd place will receive 25.00.

Late Arrival

Just a friendly reminder to all parents about late arrival. If you child arrives after the tardy bell, you will need to walk your child into the front office to sign them in. We always have supervision, during morning arrival. So, if you do not see faculty and staff outside, that is a sign that you will need to walk your child into the front office. We do not want any of our students coming in unsupervised. Thank you for your help with this issue.


We will not be having G-Tunes this semester.

Want a free Energy Kit

Recently, BSES had the National Children's Theater to share information about energy conservation at school. As part of this campaign, families could request their very own energy kit. So far, we have had 75 kits requested. Our school has been entered into a drawing for $10,000. For every additional 25 kits requested, we will be entered again. So, why not help our school and the family. Go to to get your free kit. The deadline is May 31, 2016.

Due this Week

-Reminder-All faculty and staff should be using the front and K side parking lot when arriving to work. The cafeteria and Extra Edition staff is having trouble parking with only limited spaces available. I appreciate your help with this issue.

-7:30-That is the magic time, my friends. Students enter the classroom and we get our day started. Please ensure that you are in your rooms by this time. We should not be making copies, walking our own children to class, or coming in the door. Time is precious and we need to make every second count.

-Thanks to all who made snacks for the DO, they were more than appreciative for the treats.

-February 15th and March 11th will be a make-up day. Please add to your websites.

-Show some love to the writing boards and make sure that you have work displayed.

What's Going on in Classrooms at BSE

Over the past few weeks, I have posted items that have to do with students being able to "talk the talk" when it comes to what they are learning in the classroom. I wanted to share this video that I found that would be the first step in ensuring that students are able to articulate their learning. In this video, you will see how the teacher ensures that students understand the learning goal for the day. Please do not think that I am saying that we need to switch to SWBAT. The "take away", from this video, is how she ensures she communicates the learning goal for the day. She does this in less than one minute. I love how she references that she wants students to use "metacognition" and think about their own learning. Reflect on your own classroom, do you take time to articulate the objective for students?

Click here to view the video!

Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks will be available for purchase online starting September 14. We will make them available online through March 31. The cost is 15.00. You will need to follow the link below and enter the school code 21001.


Lunch Menus will now be digital. Parents are able to download an app that will allow them to check daily menus. The app is titled NurtiSlice. Parents will search for Spartanburg District Two. They will have the option to choose elementary, middle, or high school. Once you have selected the school, parents will be able to view the breakfast or lunch menu.

Parents are also able to pay their lunch bill online. I have include a link below titled "Pay your Lunch Bill" below.

Upcoming Events

February Events

22nd-Book Fair Continues, Greenville Drive logs go home

23rd-Book Fair Character Dress up Day

25th-3rd Grade Program (6:30), Book Fair Family Night 5-6:00

26th-Last Day of the Book Fair, signed papers go home

27th-Democratic Primary at BSES

Birthday Wishes Go Out to......


11th-Vanessa Duthie

12th-Wendy Cole

16th-Michelle Kimbrell

18th-Thersea Cobb

21st-Jessica Satterfield

23rd-Barbara Burns

25th-Morgan McNeill

A Day in the Life @ BSE

Remind 101 for Teachers

PLEASE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXT! To receive faculty and staff reminders, please text @bsete to 1-443-345-1126