Come To Our Bake Sale

Yummy desserts and more!

Bake Sale :D

Do you love sweets and fun desserts? If your answer was yes then our bake sale is just what you need! We make our delicious cupcakes from scratch and splendid frosting topping it off with a topping of your choice. Don't miss out! This event is ONLY for ONE DAY!!!!!

Home Made Cupcakes

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 5:30pm

Parking in front of Bldg O3, Manhattan Beach, CA, United States

Manhattan Beach, CA

Cupcakes are only $1 and each additional topping is an extra 10 cents.


Starting Time- 11:30 am

Ending Time- 5:30 pm

We are CupcakeFUN

CupcakeFUN is the best in town! More information below on how to contact us.