By: Mahlia & Timmons

Where It Started?

Christianity was developed in Judea. The Jews believed the religion Christianity. They believed in Jesus of Nazareth.

Who Was The Founder?

The founder of Christianity was Jesus Christ. They believed he died on the cross to save them from their sins, and then rose from the dead.

What Were The Basic Beliefs?

The basic beliefs of Christianity was to follow the laws that Moses gave the Jews. In other words, the Jews believed the Messiah that would lead them. When the Romans took over Judea in 63 BC, many Jews believed that the Messiah would soon come, and take over. The Jews believed in Jesus of Nazareth. The book of Christianity is called the Bible.

Where Did It Spread?

Christianity was accepted in Rome. The Apostles were 12 disciples who Jesus chose to receive training to spread his word. Some of them wrote Gospels which were accounts for Jesus' teachings.