Type One Diabetes

Cause of the Disease

The immune system targets unfamiliar cells that enter your body. It defends your body against infection and illness. The immune system in people that have type one diabetes destroys cells that make insulin. Insulin allows cells to absorb glucose which gives them energy.


Symptoms of type one diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, blurred vision, and yeast infection. My cousin has type one diabetes and she shows some of these symptoms such as fatigue, extreme hunger and irritability.


Since your body doesn't have enough insulin you have to give yourself insulin. You can use a needle to give yourself insulin. The needle is 12.7 mm long and should be thrown away after every use. A pump is another way to give yourself insulin. A pump can be attached to your body or your waist. It has a catheter that is placed under the skin to give you insulin.


Every 1 in 500 people are diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors often use a random blood sugar test to diagnose it. Diabetes is linked to chromosome 11, and the fancy name of diabetes is "diabetes mellitus." It is a mutation. Scientist are currently developing insulin that the body doesn't fight.