Restart Plan Update

August 3, 2020

2020-2021 Restart Plan Update

I want to take this opportunity to share with families where we are with the Restart Plan. My intention was to have the plan out to families tonight, but I am not comfortable with it going out until more sets of eyes look at it prior to release. Due to the plan containing aspects of policy and procedure, it needs to be correct and easy to read for families.

Since families want to know if we will be in-school or remote to start the year, I will provide families with the models that will be available for the upcoming school year in the next section of this newsletter. These models will be more detailed in our plan which I hope to have out to all families by Wednesday, if not sooner. Thank you for your understanding.

Start of the School Year

After the recent recommendation by the CCBH, I received further clarification from the Diocese of Cleveland regarding localized decisions for the upcoming school year. To be clear the decisions presented in this section are derived from the ability to meet the guidelines specified by government agencies to safely have children in this building and that parents have the right to school choice. As parents, all of you have demonstrated your right to choose Catholic education, and our decision is an extension of your right to send them to school. Catholic schools have partnerships with parents that serve their needs. Based on the survey results there is need for our doors to be open, along with having a remote learning option available.

Parents will have the option of selecting one of the models each quarter. It is possible for a student to complete the first quarter remote and the second quarter traditionally. More details will be presented in our plan that identify our expectations for each model.

For the 2020-2021 School Year, St. Anthony will provide:

  1. Traditional, On-Campus Learning - Students will be required to attend in-person class, 5 days a week. Extensive protocols, restrictions, and guidelines will be in place to reduce risks and ensure we are in compliance with all guidelines and mandates.
  2. Remote, Synchronous Learning - Students will be required to log in through Google Classroom video to participate in real-time instruction with their class peers. Through video streaming, live teacher-led instruction will be provided. At this time, the classes will not be recorded and students will participate in the same schedule as their on-campus peers. Attendance through video is required and all assignments will be due the same time as their on-campus peers.

For context into our remote learning decision, we believe students participating in live time synchronous learning with their classmates is essential to maintaining a sense of belonging and school community. Furthermore, we believe the real-time remote learning model provides more structure, accountability, and immediate feedback to students. Asynchronous (delayed) learning will not be available unless a child is physically ill.

For families that choose the traditional, on-campus model, we will maintain this option as long as we can meet the safety protocols mandated. If at any point, we believe the safety guidelines implemented require change to ensure the safety of students and staff, we will move to a remote learning until the appropriate actions are made prior to returning to the building for instruction.

At this time, our goal is to stick with this learning model plan unless a mandate specifies otherwise. Parents will make a formal selection of their plan at a later time.