The Sky's The Limit

April 4, 2016

Facultly & Staff Bulletin - Montgomery City Elementary

Together we will guide, encourage, and challenge

our children to become life-long learners.

MCE’s PBIS Principles:

Be Kind! Be Safe! Be Cooperative! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!

2nd round of Asst. Principal Interviews on Tuesday

Chris Parker and I have invited back four of the applicants we interviewed on Thursday. We are lucky to have a hard decision ahead of us!

Important Notes:

  1. I will be out on Thursday.
  2. Our FAX system is slow, with poor image quality and often fails to send. If you need to send a FAX, please scan it to yourself and email the document to be sent.
  3. Purchase Order Procedures 1. Fill out a requisition and get my approval prior to any purchases 2. Once I have signed it, Diane sends the PO to Heather Combs 3. Heather waits until we receive the items purchased, and gets approval to pay by receiving the packing slip. She then authorizes payment. ** If you are attending an event or conference, and need a check prior to attending, you must note that on your purchase order. We cannot just call Heather and ask for a check. She will not prepare one without prior notice. 4. Once you receive your purchase, or attend your event, turn in your packing slip or complete your P.D. form so Heather knows to pay.
  4. All teachers are responsible for reading their students IEPs and ensuring the listed classroom and testing modifications are being met. We are a team, and must all work cooperatively to meet the needs of all our students. The IEP is a legal document, and we must follow it.
  5. MAP testing will begin April 12th. With MAP testing comes the requirement for much flexibility! Our special education teachers must give the MAP following IEP testing guidelines, which may require 1-1 settings. This will require the paraprofessionals to be utilized to help with testing, and monitoring the special needs classrooms to meet the needs of non-testing students. We must work as a team to make sure all our special needs students' needs are being met.
  6. Reminder -both of the computer labs will be closed for MAP testing beginning April 12th until MAP testing is complete. Please check the schedule before planning to utilize the lab.
  7. 4th Quarter Mid-Term is April 19th. Grades and comments will be due April 20th at noon, and we will send progress reports home in Friday Folders on the 22nd.
  8. We will host Kindergarten Screening on Friday, April 22nd. It has been decided to host screening before school is out, so we may plan better for the number of kindergarten students we will have next year.
  9. Our Field Day will be Tuesday, May 17th.

RSVP for NEMSTA Spring Banquet by April 28th

If you plan to attend the NEMSTA Spring Banquet on May 12th, you must RSVP by Thursday, April 28th. You may do this by contacting Debbi McElwain at (800) 392-0532 or email at

MSTA Reading Circle Certificates

As we begin planning for the end of the year, you may want to refresh the requirements to receive a Reading Circle Certificate. Click here to read the policies and procedures.

Check-in with your Accountability Partner

On Monday you met with a partner and discussed 2 goals to push you to the end of the year. Check in with your partner to share what you are doing to move toward your goal.

Deadline for summer learning project - Have your information to Laura/Amy by April 1st. We will discuss them at our PLC GLM.

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April 11th - Jamie Epple & April 19th - Catie Monzyk

We will discuss this article on Wednesday.

The Power of High Expectations: Closing the Gap in Your Classroom. Be ready to discuss this article at our April PLC grade level meetings.

Field Trip Forms - Available online now!

Click here to access the online bus request form.

1. You will need to download and save the blank form.

2. Open in the saved location and fill out.

3. Save the completed form.

4. Email form to Diane. She will check and approve the date is available on the calendar.

5. Diane will forward the form to me for approval. I will then forward it to Adam for final approval and bus assignment.

6. Adam will let you know when your bus has been approved.

7. You need to check with the kitchen to make arrangements for lunch.