Foundation 1 News

Friday 14th March 2014

Week 9 Loud and Quiet

Sounds around The Ruby Class

  • Enjoying the story of Peace at Last
  • Recording and finding loud and quiet sounds in our school
  • Making our own shakers and exploring making different sounds
  • Continuing to explore mark making both inside and outside on our new chalkboard
  • Playing lots of numeral matching games to help us recognise numerals to 15
  • Looking at and caring for our flowers in the garden and making spring flowers
  • It was wonderful to see so many of you and have the opportunity to discuss the super progress that the Rubies are making

Next week

  • We will be thinking about night and day
  • Enjoying " Can't You Sleep Little Bear? "
  • Looking at the differences between night and day
  • Next Friday will be Pyjama Day where children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas. They can also bring their favourite teddy to school . We will be having lots of bedtime activities
  • Nuclear Summit days - March 24th and March 25th. Please check the Gateway for regular updates and information. If you haven't already done so, please let us know whether you intend to send your child to school on these days. We will be setting work for those children unable to attend which will be communicated at the end of next week.