By: Tariq Childress


A dedicated coach trying to help his players physical and emotional strengths and build character in order to succeed on and off the field.


Undefeated is really an examination not of how games are won and lost but how lives are lived, how young people faced challenges come to see. The title "Undefeated" was not to be literal but metaphorical. The documentary showed a coach can show a messed up group of kids a little guidance and faith. Showing how a the coach helped his players with physical and emotional strengths.


The documentary did achieve the purpose. It showed coach, Bill Courtney did help his players form character. Even though they still lost their playoff game. The team still showed character and they had a good regular season. He showed us the amount of character and progress they gained. They were better then they were previous seasons ago. Physically by showing how far they came and emotionally by him bringing the team together as one.


Overall the documentary was good. It showed the ups and downs. it showed them from being one of the worst teams to being one of the better ones. The documentary displayed character really good. Undefeated displayed what was going on and off the field even though they didn't win the playoff game they showed true character. Also physical and emotional strengths as well.