Legal Career Categories

by Alissa Czechanski

Practice Environments

What is Law firm?

Lawyers employed in a law firm work as as partners who share the firms profits, risks, and associate attorney who have not reached full partnership status. Private practice and employ numerous legal professions.

What is public interest law?

Public interest law states that the public can be represented for free work prone which means cooperate legal employees volunteer time for free services are greater good. Broad areas of public concern are present. Advantages include experience, disadvantages include pay
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What is solo law practice?

Solo Law Practice includes attorneys control on your career. Experience and learning with marketing and business, people in this profession solve own problems pay low rates and there is always job openings


The four highest paying legal Careers include

1. Trail Lawyer- Highest paid in the world earn between $74,980- $163,320 could earn millions
2. Chief Legal Officer- "general concerns, head of law departments of corporations increase 13% $467, 100 median bonuses 27% more women joining
Judge- $110,220 and above 2.5% made $51,760-$141,190 includes health benefits expense counts and retirement options
Law School Professor- teaches a course in law which requires preforming research and publishing scholarly work in their field salary is from $131,691 to $242,500 per year. New law schools continuously being built but field is very competitive
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Education and Job Training

A Four Year Gradate Degree, three years of law school and passing the state bar is needed in this job field. As well a Bachelor's degree ABA accredited law school and need to pass law school Admission test and have ethics examined proving professional responsibility

Drug Law

Drug law is a crime to willfully posses illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, Meth, Cocaine, LSD, and Heroin and punishments are due to manufacturing accessions for drug use or drugs themselves. Laws vary amount and state is dependent.