3rd Quarter Data Update

Reeds Spring Primary School 2015-16

What do we get out of Data Day?

We all know that Data Day is a part of the PLC process: "How do we know if students got it?" and "What are we going to do if they didn't?" But what do we REALLY get out of Data Day?

This process ensures that no child is slipping through the cracks!

We make sure students are getting matched up with intervention, if needed

Discuss if it is time to refer a child for special services

The teacher is able to verbalize specific areas to work on in the classroom in reading, writing, and math

This is where the team can look at other factors that may be contributing to student progress (attendance, need for counseling, physical needs being met, etc.)

We discuss big decisions such as retention/should the child go on? If so, what support do we need to make sure is in place the next year?

Teachers can share insight into the child- no one at school knows the child better than you do!

We can discuss other students that child would work well with/doesn’t work well with for class placement.

These short conversations are what enables us to take a team approach to help children.

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Growth in Kindergarten!

This quarter's reading benchmark in Kindergarten was a level 4 or higher. Last year at this time, we had 58% of our students reading at that level. Great job Kindergarten teachers!
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Growth in 1st Grade

1st Grade students have made steady growth in reading all year! This quarter, they had 83% of their student meet or exceed this quarters benchmark. This was the quarter that timed fluency was added in, which we know is a big hurdle! Great job 1st grade teachers!
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