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Monthly Newsletter

Welcome New Designers from Aug- Sept 17th!!!

AnnMarie Hernandez D

April Mrosewske9/5/2013D

Audrey DeSanzo9/6/2013D

Brittainey Dancey8/21/2013D

Carie Bernard9/7/2013D

Chelsea Pierce8/26/2013D

Christina Sanson8/29/2013D

Corrie Sloan9/6/2013D

Danielle Key9/9/2013D

Dawn LaCroix8/23/2013D

Dawn Walls8/14/2013

Dessie Stader8/12/2013

devin gafford9/1/2013D

Elizabeth Mojeske9/5/2013D

Frances Cooper9/4/2013D

Heide Setzler9/6/2013D

Hope Doran8/27/2013D

jaime firek9/8/2013D

Jana Andringa9/1/2013D

Janice Fronczak9/6/2013D

Jen Maggard9/4/2013D

Jennifer Jimenez9/5/2013D

Jennifer McAlonen9/11/2013D

Joy Mays9/5/2013D

K Ray Team9/6/2013D

kali toth9/5/2013D

Kasi Gipe9/7/2013D

Katelin Bernard-Capobianco 8/6/2013

Katherine Clark 8/3/2013

Kathleen Birchfield 9/11/2013D

Kayla Vincent8/19/2013

Kelly Davis8/12/2013

Laine Vyvyan9/5/2013D

Loretta Stanton9/1/2013D

Mary Nelson9/6/2013D

Melissa Wiedeman8/19/2013

Monique Evans9/3/2013D

Monique Tate9/6/2013D

Paula Weischedel9/5/2013D

Renate Phelps9/5/2013D

Robin Klus8/6/2013

Saira Kolasa9/13/2013D

Sarah Zychowski8/21/2013D

Sherrena Yakowich9/12/2013D

Sonia Hinkleman8/26/2013D

Stacy Busch8/5/2013

sue stevenson9/5/2013D

AUGUST TOP Personal Volume

Congrats to the following Ladies for their August volumes:

  • Jamie Coker
  • Malinda Latigo
  • Megan Kelly
  • Toni Williams
  • Katrina DiMassa

Reminder for all: Please double check your numbers for promotions a few days before the end of the month.. If you are unsure, check with your mentor or up to double check it for you.

AUGUST TOP Team Volumes

Congratulations to the Top Teams:

  • Stacey Michels' Team
  • Victoria Simcheck's Team
  • Jennifer Guess' Team

Bye, Bye Wait list!!!!!!

Hoot! Hoot! The wait list is finally gone!!!!! Now the competition to sign on new team members becomes a little urgent! It is totally up to you on how you want to run your business.. So ask yourself- Do I want to build a team or no? Do I want to just do jewelry bars for extra shoe shopping $ or no?? Remember your "why" for signing up!

There are 5 day, 30, 60 and 90 Quick starts to follow if you want to jump start your business at any time.. O2 is developing a similar program too. It is coming in the future.

There is a "Goal setting" sheet in the Back Office for you to write down your goals.. With NO wait, this is the perfect time to write down your 30, 60 & 90 day goals!

Everyone please review and read the P&P's in the Back Office.. Please remember no selling on Craig's list, Etsy, Ebay etc... You will be terminated if O2 is aware of this activity and other designers out there are fierce and will report you in a heart beat!

Any vendor events for this Fall- Please remember to send in an event notification to O2.

To help you book some more parties:

You may want to try this out...

Group Text all your friends something like this:

"I am so excited. I just started selling Origami Owl. Have you heard of it? I only need 1 more jewelry bar to meet my requirements. Would you consider helping me?"


"I am at an Origami Owl Workshop and if I date one more jewelry bar in September...both you and I will receive a mini locket free at the show...Would you consider it?" (OR whatever you want to give free)


"Ask me how you can start Xmas shopping w/Origami Owl for FREE"

InActive Designers from April-Sept.

Sept 30th is the cut off for any one who has not placed any orders April- Sept that total $199 over those 6 months.. You will become inactive Oct. 1st!!! (Unless of course O2 post pones it again)..

New things for Us Designers!

Please keep your eye on the back office Overview page.. Sometime in the next 3 weeks we will have a new back office completely!! Very user friendly they said, and we will be able to keep track of things easier.. (promotions, hostess rewards, customers)..

When the BO does change over any customer put into our system with their email addresses it will automatically upload them to our monthly Newsletter! ***The Newsletter is to go out on the 4th Thursday of every month!!**

So if you need to edit yours please do so before the 4th Thursday. The Newsletter will be easily accessed through the new BO.

Catalogs we can order the week of Sept 23rd and should have them by Oct 1st.. So keep your eye on the BO for news.

Our Up Line

Soar to Your Dreams Team Upline

(Their status’ as of July 2013)

The Nest

Heidi Russell (Direct to corporate) Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Leslie Rhoads- Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Emily Allison- Senior Director- joined 12/2011

Roxanne Paquette- Director- joined 3/18/2012

Susanne Mack – Executive Team Leader- joined 7/4/12

Kim Michels- Senior Team Leader- joined 7/4/12