Fourth Grade News

Week of Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2015

SPARK - Igniting Young Minds!

We are very excited to have started our sixth year of enrichment clusters in our lower school. Our program, coined "SPARK," allows students to develop and explore interests within a small group. This provides a wonderful opportunity not only for our students but also for our parents and teachers to explore their own interests and talents with a group of enthusiastic students. Ask your child about his /her SPARK cluster and know that our door is always open for any parent(s) who want to join in on the fun!

First Social Studies Test will be next Tuesday, October 6th

The fourth graders have been reviewing the early settlers of America. We have covered chapters 1-6 of our workbook, America's Story, and will be doing a review this week. Our first test on this material will be next Tuesday, Oct. 6th. The Unit Review will be sent home on Thursday if you would like to review the material with your child before Tuesday's test.

Thespians in Training

Fourth grade at St. George's is renowned for its annual play put on in the spring. Auditions will take place before the winter holidays. In preparation for this big event, we will be taking the fourth graders to see the Jefferson Performing Arts Society's play, James and the Giant Peach, on Tuesday, November 10th.


*Mrs. Sontag's Scholastic orders are due this Friday.

*Knight at City Park tickets and t-shirts are on sale now.

*Fourth grade is finalizing our service project details. Look for more information coming