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Amphibians To Reptiles

Geological Timeline

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Carboniferous Period 325,000,000 years ago

Reptiles become more abundant.

Names of the animals going through the evolution

A amniote, a Hylonomus, westlothiana, and paleothyris etc.

Where all these fossils were found.

The earliest well-known amphibian, Ichthyostega, was found in Late Devonian deposits in Greenland, dating back about 363 million years. The earliest amphibian discovered to date is Elginerpeton, found in Late Devonian rocks of Scotland dating to approximately 368 million years ago. The later Paleozoic saw a great diversity of amphibians, ranging from small legless swimming forms (Aistopoda) to bizarre "horned" forms (Nectridea). Other Paleozoic amphibians more or less resembled salamanders outwardly but differed in details of skeletal structure. Exactly how to classify these fossils, and how they might be related to living amphibians, is still debated by paleontologists. Shown at the right is Phlegethontia, an aistopod from the Pennsylvanian.