It's Nothing to Cry Over

Help with fussy babies!


There could be more to it

The scientific definition for colic is "A healthy, well-fed infant who cries for more than three hours per day, for more than three days per week, for more than three weeks." Colic affects 25% of babies and can usually appear a few weeks after birth and should improve by 3-4 months. The long amount of time crying is a sure symptom. Other symptoms include episodes of crying in which end with the passing of gas/bowel movement and/or bringing legs up to abdomen while clenching hands and toes. If more serious signs occur call the health center. Remember, you are not a doctor so before assuming what is wrong you may want to check in with your baby's pediatrician for a proper diagnosis.

For more information on colic in infants, visit the website below. It will provide with useful facts, more symptoms, how to treat colic and more!
Hanna Bigwarfe Class 1