Diertary Guidelines!

by:julius Brents

what do the dietary guidelines do for americans # 1 and 2

1.a-likelihood of developing health problems

b-A diet is an eating plan.

2.a-Your age,gender and activity level.

b-nutrient dense food is food that provides high amounts of vitamins and minerals for few calories.

maintain a healthy weight #3

a-risk factors is a condition that in creases your chances of developing a problem.

b-diabetes and arthritis are are realated to too much body fat.

c-bones can become weak.

d-create a diet and become active

suggestions for being physically active every day #4

a-controls your weight

-strengthens your heart and lungs.

b-get involved in a team

-ride a bike rather than riding in a acar

importance of grains,fruits,vegetables and milk#5

a-they are nutrient rich

-cholesterol free

-low in fats

b-protect you from heart disease and cancer.

c-make a smoothie,eat fruit instead of sugary dessert eat cooked dry beans or peas.

how to limit fats and cholesterol#6

a-saturated fats and trans fat

b-heart disease can be developed

c-keep saturated fats to less than 10 percent of your calories

be choosy about carbohydrates#7

a-vegetables,fruits and whole grains.


c.too much sugar can raise cholesterol.

why reduce sodium and increase potassium #8

a-helps control body fluid

b-a stoke and high blood pressure

c-potassium helps counteract sodium's effect on blood pressure.

Avoid achool#9

a-can affect violence


-an accidents

why is food safety important #10

safe food is healthful food that is free from harmful bacteria and other contaminats.