Try my new Emotion Gum

Only 1.99 for a pack that includes 15 pieces

Emotion Gum

This gum is made to allow you to taste you emotions. This is for ages 7 and older. You don't have to change your emotions to get the flavor you want you can be happy and you will taste any flavor that you are craving.
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It changes by your emotion...🍫🍫

Emotion Gum

When you are feeling bum

You should eat a piece of gum

Don't worry it's really tasty

There is no need to be hasty

This gum changes by your emotion

It will leave a tasty explosion

It's capricious and delicious

This gum will leave a flavorful tasty condition.

Where is it sold?

This gum will be sold at places candy is sold such as

  • Walmart
  • River Street Sweets
  • Candylicious
  • Etc.

Flavors available

Angry- Cherry

Happy/ Joy- any flavors being craved

Frustrated- Raspberry

Surprised- Tropical

Fear- Grape

Sad- Blue Raspberry


Mint- Regular