Bridge Bulletin

April 15, 2022

Principal Chat

I hope your Spring Break was filled with fun and adventure, or at least, restful. Sometimes just sleeping in and not having to go somewhere is a treat.

I spent the week in the great outdoors - climbing mountains and squeezing through slot canyons. It was great fun, BUT it was good to be back and see all the smiling faces and hear about all of the kids' fun adventures.

We are in the final stretch of the school year with no more breaks until Monday, May 30, for Memorial Day. Although the end of the year is approaching please know, KIDS ARE STILL LEARNING - in fact, the last few weeks of school are some of the most critical days of school for gathering data to determine what your kids learned and what we still need to teach. The data is also extremely helpful for us to know where to focus our efforts next school year.

End of year testing will begin the first of May and will include ESGI and KEEP (kindergarten), Imagine Learning Reading and Math (K-6), Galileo (1st - 6th), Acadience reading and math (K-6), and RISE (3rd - 6th). It is ESSENTIAL that your kids attend school, on time, well rested and well fed during testing.


  • $2 Dress Down Day is ONLY on the last Friday of the month.
  • Grades that win the Purple Ticket for Zero Ribbits have FREE dress down the following Wednesday (winners announced on Fridays).
  • BLUE BOTTOMS are not a thing - the colors for bottoms are, and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, black or tan.

Please keep up on your emails and social media if possible as these are the first methods of communication with parents.

Have a terrific weekend!

Lani Rounds


Outdoor Dining - Short Lived but Coming Again Soon!

The kids were SO excited on Monday to see the tent up and outdoor lunch was again available. Of course, it was short-lived when Tuesday brought piles of blowing snow. The tent is still up and once the temperatures warm kids will once again get to eat outside.

Midland Drive Now Open and Other Parking Lot and Pedestrian Information

The construction is complete, the canal is safe, and a sidewalk is now installed! While it makes for easier pedestrian navigation along Midland Drive, it does complicate the exit from the parking lot.

There is once again NO LEFT TURN from the parking lot onto Midland Drive. The north and south traffic along that road makes a left turn super dangerous. Additionally, parking on the west side of Midland Drive and running across the street also spells disaster. Please exercise EXTREME CAUTION if you choose this option (in fact the best option is NOT to do it). I believe that soon Roy City will create a "no parking" along the west curb of Midland Drive.

Some parents are parking in the dirt on 3500 W behind the school and walking through the trees to the front parking lot. Please be careful if you choose this option as it is unsafe. Also, students are not allowed to navigate the field to 3500 W without a parent. If you choose to park here you MUST walk to the front of the school to pick up your student. Very soon this field will be fenced off so construction on the subdivision in the field south of us can begin.

Our gates on the backside of the school cannot be opened except to emergency vehicles. This is per UDOT as 3500 W is slated to be expanded to additional lanes which is why there is no sidewalk along the back of the school. Perhaps, after the road construction on 3500 W is completed we can utilize the gates and extend our exit from the school. Just a note - the expected date for completion on 3500 W is something like 2028.


Yesterday, about 3:40 pm, we received multiple calls that students are improperly crossing the road at 4800 S and 3500 W. We are not sure if these are Bridge students, but just in case we would like parents to know. The students are NOT crossing at the correct intersections and are not using the WALK signals correctly. If your students walk home from school, PLEASE accompany them to teach them the safe way to use the intersections, crosswalks, and walk signals.


We are out of masks again. If you wish your child to wear a mask at school PLEASE send them with a mask. We have ordered some but it will be a few days until they arrive.

FREE Breakfast Daily

Did you know that this year we have FREE breakfast for kids, every morning before school? Breakfast is served 7:45 - 8:15. Students have options of milk or juice and several meal options. Today's breakfast included two types of cereal or a muffin, cheese sticks and Cranraisins. Students who arrive after 8:15 will not have breakfast available.

Kindergarten Round Up for 2022-2023

If you have a student registered to attend kindergarten next school year you should have received an email with information to sign up for Kindergarten Round Up on May 20. If you did NOT receive an email please reach out to the office (801)499-5180 or email our lead secretary, Lalani at


We are in need of the following items if you are able to donate:

  • Paper towels
  • Soda for Field Day Ring Toss Games (any flavor in cans only)
  • Small prizes for Field Day games (like the bags of small items you can find at Zurchers)
  • Gently used children's books for our FREE library under the portico

Just bring items to the front office and let them know it is a donation. THANK YOU!!!!

Lunch Crew Trivia

Our lunch crew, Chef Dave, Jodi and Judie, visited classrooms this week to do a Trivia game. Winners received fresh pineapples or a plastic container packed with strawberries and sweet limes. The kids had a blast!

Order Yearbooks NOW - Closes TODAY April 15

Order your yearbooks today! Yearbooks will NOT be sold at the school. They will be delivered to the school and handed to students on the last day of school. The deadline to order April 15. If you choose not to order a yearbook for your student we will provide them with an autograph book on the last day of school they can use during yearbook signing.

Bridge Elementary

Prepay Code: BridgeYB22

To order yearbooks online, CLICK HERE

You can also find this information on our website under EVENTS > SCHOOL EVENTS at:

Classic Skate Night - April 22

Mark you calendars for another fun-filled skate night at Classic Fun Center in Layton.

Friday, April 22 - 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Students can turn in 10 Watch Me Learn tickets to have their name added to the FREE 10 Token Pass! Only one 10 Token Pass will be available for students. Students will pick up their Token Pass at the Bridge table at the rink. The tokens are used on the arcade games. Skating is FREE (bring your own skates or scooters) or you can pay to upgrade to a pass that includes ALL of the activities including Laser Tag, Bouncing, and Pirate's Cove.

Coming Soon - A Sustainable Playground Area

We are SUPER excited to report Bridge will be replacing our grass field with playground turf for the upcoming school year! We will NOT be a "sports field" with the crumb rubber infill that creates extreme heat. Instead, we will use a 55 oz. turf with silica sand infill. This is super exciting for us especially since word on the street is with the drought situation additional watering restrictions will be in place.

We are super excited to reduce our water usage and the eliminate the resources needed to maintain a green, grass field. Starting next fall NO MORE mud and NO MORE days the field is inaccessible for students!

Math in May Family Night

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - We are hosting a fun filled "Math in May" family night on May 11, 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

We will serve FREE dinner to all who attend! We just solidified the menu - orange chicken, rice, stir fried vegetables, fortune cookie and juice!!!

Families will have multiple stations to visit to play math games - tables filled with information regarding the math curriculum used at Bridge - and an estimation station in the foyer for a chance to win prizes by guessing how many items are in a jar. Each time a student visits a station and completes an activity they will earn a ticket for a prize drawing. Parents and guardians who attend will also receive tickets for an adult prize drawing.

Excuse an Absence

PLEASE excuse your child's absence by:

  • Calling our attendance line (801)499-5180
  • Using the online form found on our website under the Student Data icon


Visible Learning - DETERMINATION


Practice these "I WILL" statements with your student:

  • Set the right goals
  • Get moving
  • Face challenges
  • Not be discouraged by failure
  • Keep trying

Our mission is to empower students to take ownership of their own learning. By learning, practicing and embracing these visible learning traits, students will have the skills needed to become accountable for their own lifelong learning. You can find the six Visible Learning traits on our website at Visible Learning

Substitute Teaching at Bridge

Bridge is ALWAYS looking for fabulous substitutes to fill many positions including teaching, para-educators and recess duty. We pay $14 hour for subs and the company we use, Ready2Teach, provides an incentive program of up to $28 extra per day for each job filled.

To get more information please visit Ready2Teach at:

Bridge Elementary

The mission of Bridge Elementary is to provide students with a personalized learning experience and empower them to take personal ownership and accountability for their own academic performance.


Principal - Lani Rounds

Lead Secretary - Lalani Williams (Aspire, registration, lottery)

Admin Support - Sara Tucker - (Title 1 and At-Risk Coordinator, ELL support, 504 Plans, Behavior Support and BASE)

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist - Keri Toponce