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Audio Recording on Friday afternoon by Studentfour


I have some facts that I bet you didn't know about elephants.

1. Elephants prefer one trunk over the other like we prefer left or right hand.

2. When Swimming, Elephants use their trunks as snorkelers.

3. Elephants hear sub-sonic sounds in the ground ,with their feet, made by other elephants.

4. An elephants closing living relative is the Rock Hyrax! A small furry mammal that lives under rocks.

5. Elephants aren't scared of mice but they are scared of bees.

Elephant Tricks In Thai Land
You should check out this video! There is trained Elephants that play soccer and even ride bicycles. Elephants can be very easy to train. On average, it can be as quick as 30 min or as long as 2 months.