Tech Device Requirements

As we look ahead, we are anticipating more and more use of electronic devices for our students across our campuses. Additional implementation of app-based and web-based materials will also facilitate increased classroom usage. This increased usage is in line with our Technology Vision set forth in 2012:

  • We will prepare our students to be effective contributors in the digital age.

With this increased usage, we phased out smart phones and iPods as acceptable educational devices in 2014-15. Concerns with the small devices are increased eye strain for students, difficulty in typing on small screens and daily usage requirements.

Therefore, we recommend devices that meet the following criteria:

  • minimum 7” screen size
  • recommend 9”-10” screen size
  • Tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops, Netbooks

All students in Preschool-Grade 12 must provide their own earbuds.

  • Earbuds are required. The buds are not to be 'headphones' that cover the ears.
  • Please make sure that your child tries the buds for size and clarity.

We also recommend these accessories:

  • protective cover/case for tablets
  • 2 chargers: one for school and one for home
  • large zippered binder to transport covered tablet/chromebook/netbook/laptop

Aquin will continue to provide devices for students in Preschool-Grade 3. Students in Grades 4-12 will need to bring a device with them daily. If your student currently uses a device that meets the criteria above, he or she is set. If not, we recommend an iPad (full-size or mini), Chromebook, Surface, or a laptop or tablet from a reputable manufacturer (Samsung, Dell, etc.). These are devices that students are currently using with success in the classroom. There are tablets available at lower prices, but they may not be as 'user-friendly' or 'reliable' as desired.