Summer Time Snacks

Buy These New Summer Time snacks!!!

Fruit Babble

Juicy fruit babble for 5.00, cold and sweet. Contains Strawberries and grapes (etc.) Sprinkled with little lettuce leaves and smoothed cupcake foil.

Fruit pop

Ice cold fruit pop for 2.00. Contains cantaloupe ,blueberries,Kiwi,and strawberries. Freshly cut fruit and squeezed fruit.

Summer time mix

Crunchy and sweet summer time mix is just 3.00. Mixed with M&Ms and Peanuts. Lightly sprinkled with sugar. And lightly smoothed peanut butter.

Watermelon stick

Sweet,juicy watermelon stick for 2.00.Made with Watermelon,raspberries,and marshmallows. Lightly stuck marshmallows.A freshly cut fruit.

Chocolate covered kiwi

Chocolaty sweet kiwi for 1.00.With creamy stir melted chocolate.

Gummy pop

Sweet chewy goodness, gummy pops are for 3.00. Made with gummy bears and water. Freshly sprinkled sugar. And wiggly jello.

Frozen yogurt bites

soft,creamy goodness, frozen yogurt bites 5 for 2.00. Made with frozen yogurt, and raspberries.

Freshly scooped ice cream.