APS Digital Badge Endorser Update

December 22, 2015

Thank you for your commitment to Aurora Public School's Digital Badge Initiative! We are VERY excited that 10 companies from the Denver Metro area have already offered their support and agreed to endorse a badge. If you're receiving this newsletter, you are one of those companies! THANK YOU! We are actively recruiting more companies to join our team; as we continue to grow, we will use these monthly newsletters to keep you updated of our progress & efforts.

A priority for us this fall has been to develop our digital badge website with tools for teachers, students, families and the community. We are continually developing content for these pages; click the button below to preview the current pages. In the coming months, we will be expanding the content in our Community section to highlight your company and the opportunity that you are sponsoring for our students. Please watch your email as we gather the content for these pages.

APS Badge Website

Click here to check out the new Badge Website!

Progress Update

Badges Earned (as of 11/18/2015):

  • Journey Badges - 805
  • Summit Badges - 2 students very close

In January, we will expand our program to all 60 schools in Aurora Public Schools.

Get More Involved

In addition to badging, the following are other opportunities to connect with APS students:

  1. Aurora Hills Middle School is hosting an International Night on Dec 10 from 6-7pm. We are looking for a company to view and affirm the student's projects.
  2. South Middle School is looking for an company to come in on a regular basis in the spring to help their students understand the practical, workplace applications of their lessons.
If you are interesting in either of these programs, please contact Josh Kusch at jfkusch@aps.co.us.

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Josh Kusch

I joined Aurora Public Schools in September as the Specialist for Programs & Partnerships in the Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness (PWR) Department. I am excited to work in the community to promote our PWR initiatives as we support local industry to prepare a workforce of graduates will the skills and credentials they need to succeed.