Energy Resources

Solar power and Coal


Coal is found in coal reserves that are found by exploration drilling. The process in which coal is formed is called coalification. Coalification occurs when peat is buried under layers of sediment, and the peat changes from bacteria decay, heat,and time. The compaction of the sediment squeezes out of the peat. Heat and pressure from the top layers of sediment turn the remaining plants to coal. Coal is used by power stations to generate electricity.The electricity is used to heat homes, and to power locomotives and factories. Coal is also used to make steel and produce coke. but since coal is being mined out it is a nonrenewable energy resource. Some facts about coal include that it formed 300 million years ago and that 40% of the world's energy is from coal. Coal pollutes earth and has partly caused global warming. Finally, coal is mostly transported by train.

Solar Power

Solar power comes from sunlight. The radiant energy from the sun is changed to electricity when sunlight hits a solar panel and the radiant energy is changed to electric energy in the solar panel. Solar energy is used in heating homes and buildings and utilities in homes and buildings. Also it is used to make electricity and to air condition homes and buildings. Some fun facts about solar energy include that it causes no pollution and that it takes 10 minutes for the light energy to travel 90 million miles. Also that we can use solar power to power some spaceships and that the largest solar power plant in California covers 1000 acres. Lastly earth gets 1366 watts of solar radiation per square meter.
Underground Coal Mining

Coal Mining Video

This video shows the different ways of underground coal mining and how it works.

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