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Week of October 22 - October 26

Growing into our Greatness ...Not a Moment to Waste!

Announcement: Family Fun Night Rescheduled!

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Join us for Family Fun Night! (Date Changed)

Tuesday, Oct. 30th, 6pm

4601 West Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

Please click below to RSVP for Family fun night! We hope to see you there!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

October: Celebrating Respect!

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Rising Stars: Thursday, October 25th 9am

Legendary: Friday, October 26th 9am

Collegiate: Friday, October 26th 10am

Scholars can dress down in jeans and a RED shirt on the day of their Academy's Jewel Assembly.

November Calendar Now Available!

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this week's field trips

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5th Grade Paul Robeson House Excursion this Thursday, October 25th. Scholars should dress in full GLA uniform.

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Rising Stars (K-2) Zoo Excursion this Friday, October 26th. Scholars should dress in gym uniforms.

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Thank you to those parents who attended our first excursion meeting on Tuesday, October 16th. All deposits and letters of intent are due by November 1st. Also, if you are interested in being a parent chaperone, you must submit your application by November 1st. Please contact Ms. Tellis at with questions or concerns.

Highlights from Bowties and Breakfast

Thank you to those male figures who came out to support this wonderful male empowerment event.

We are still accepting enrollment into our Saturday Scholar Enrichment Program! This program is for 3-8th grade scholars only. If you child was recommended, we strongly encourage their attendance!

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Parent Reminders


All parents are required to submit Pennsylvania Child Abuse and FBI clearances in order to chaperone field trips.


All GLA Parents and families are expected to adhere to the GLA Cell Phone policy that is outlined in our handbook. Scholars are NOT permitted to keep cell phones with them during the school day, even if they are turned off. All scholars are required to turn cell phones in to their homeroom teachers who house them in bins that are locked up. Scholars who fail to adhere to this policy will have their cell phones confiscated and they will not be returned without a formal parent meeting. We thank you for your support of our efforts to keep scholars safe.

Special Services Corner: Transfer of Skills

Have you ever seen a sale at your favorite store and quickly decided that you need to make sure you can afford the item you’ve been waiting to go on sale? If the grill was $579.00 and is now 40% off……how much is that? Maybe, you’re at the grocery store and they are having paper towels on sale, 24 rolls for $35.00 but you realize that the brand you buy would give you 24 rolls for 6 cents cheaper. Then, there’s that time when we all are trying to find parking downtown (or another heavily trafficked area of the city) and we have to read the street signs to decide if 2-hour parking is enough or if we can fit in between the spaces of the do not park signs at the one spot that has free unlimited parking on the street. Not only did we have to read those signs but we need to understand what they are saying. At this point we are transferring the skills that we’ve learned from the classroom to real world. Transferring skills from one environment to the next can be easier for some than others. For instance, learning to make good decisions and breathe might be easy when you are calm and something small happens, like if someone knocks over your water, but there’s a water cooler and paper towels in the next room. However, it might be a little harder when someone has made you upset, you dropped a heavy box on your toe and then someone comes and ever so slightly (by accident) bumps into you. At that moment, you not only have to remember what you learned, but you also have to apply it and let your acquired skills take over. This year, we are trying to manifest this not only in the classrooms, but in the real world. So, we’re reaching out to the village. Practice with your scholars what they are learning in class and think about how they can use it in the real world. Take away barriers that might not allow them to be successful, especially when you first start. I don’t always do mental math at the grocery store! Sometimes (more often than not), I pull out my phone and use my calculator. The important thing is, if you give them a budget, can they use the calculator or any other strategies they’ve learned to add, subtract, multiply, etc. to buy what they need within the budget? If you go to the amusement park and the directions say, “If you are not this tall, you cannot ride this ride”….if they struggle with reading and you read the directions to your scholar, can they understand that they need to be as tall the picture in order to get on? If we assist our scholars in understanding how they can use skills in the classroom in other environments, learning will be that much more fun. Turn on the closed caption on your TV while you watch their favorite movie and see which words they pick up. Learning can be done EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE can learn, if we give them the right tools. HAPPY LEARNING!

Get Healthy GLA!

GLA is proud to be a healthy living school and we are committed to helping scholars build nutritious habits. We need your help. Please review the attached wellness policy and support our efforts.

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