The Great Depression in Germany

One of the worst economic depressions in history

The Causes


  • Germany's economy was based on American loans and foreign trade
  • After WW1, the loans were cut off due to the depression in America and German exports were nearly nonexistent
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The Treaty of Versailles

  • After the war, Germany received full blame for the war
  • As such, Germany's temporary government, the Weimar Republic was required by the Treaty of Versailles to pay millions in war reparations



  • In order to settle it's massive debt, the Weimar Republic printed more and more money
  • This made the worth of money plummet; a loaf of bread could cost 200 billion marks
  • Many people used their money as kindling, as it was cheaper than using it to buy firewood
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The Rise of Facism

  • Adolf Hitler took advantage of the people's discontentment with the Weimar Republic
  • Hitler encouraged people to follow him to make Germany great again and placed blame on groups of minorities, such as Jews, Romani, and homosexuals, to unite the people against an enemy
The Great Depression in Germany