Deer Run Elementary

Ed371 School Visit with Carrie Sanders

Fixed Schedule

Carrie is the Media Specialist at Deer Run Elementary. She's on a fixed schedule which allows her to work with each class for 50 minutes at a time. Because of the fixed schedule Carrie can't visit teachers in their classrooms to collaborate with them, but they can visit her in the Library; although the majority of them don't because they don't think they can spend time in the library when another class is in there. However, the library is open access so can be used anytime of the day.Although

Books and Breakfast Club

Carrie helped in creating the Books and Breakfast club which meets In the school library on Thursday Mornings from 7:30-8:00 am. A light breakfast snack is provided while fun discussions about books the children have read on their own, and that the whole group have read together, take place.

Other Reading Programs available to students are:

  • The Young Hoosier Book Award
  • Reading Patch Kids

Research and Inquiry

Inquiry is an important part of the learning process and spans all aspects of the curriculum. At Deer Run Elementary Students are introduced to basic research skills in the Inquiry process in kindergarten, and they build on these skills through elementary school to fifth grade. In Inquiry, students learn about topics in which they are interested, they form their own questions about what they want to learn, and they share their new knowledge with a real audience when their research is complete.