Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury

"The Temperature at which books burn "


I chose this book because the title of the book "Fahrenheit 451" caught my attention and made me think immediately that it would be about fire fighters.This I was right about however, these fire fighters didn't fight fires they start them. There is a system created by the people of society as a whole to burn books rather than having an opinion based conflict.
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Continuing the Summary

In the 21st century there was a recreation of the firemen. The firemen that once put out fires are now paid to the opposite.They are paid to set fires to books in many places for reasons such as not wanting conflict on what people think about books so they burn them.Guy Montage a 10 year experienced fire fighter has burned books for years until his wife has a heart attack which will change everything he dose.He decides to try books and it gets him to change his approach and defend books.


I choose this book because initially i thought it would be about regular firemen. The book ended up being interesting. It was about individuals who burned books in many places to eliminate any conflict among people. Burning the books kept people from reading them; therefore; eliminating what people thought about the book.


i gave this book a 1 star rating.i liked that it was something different that had not been thought of however i strongly dislike the book because of the over all idea . yes its different but the idea of burning books to limit confrontation among citizens dose not excite me. This book would fit a person who is willing to read a variety of different genres and are not picky with there selection.
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