Bartolomeu Dias

Sean Greene


Bartolomeu Dias was an experienced sailor who was born in 1450 in Portugal. He went on his journey in August 1487. He was sent by the King of Portugal and prepared for 10 months before he left. He went in hopes to find a new sea route to Asia by going around the south tip of Africa.


Dias most likely went for the glory because discovering the route would bring him honor from the King. Also by discovering the route his name became well known throughout the world.


In the end Bartolomeu made it around the tip of Africa and opened up the sea route to Asia. On his journey he also discovered parts of Africa that Europeans had never been to.

Interesting Fact

Dias made the journey back alive, but he died on another journey in 1500. Although Vasco Da Gama was in charge, Dias captained 4 ships. After they reached Brazil they headed toward the tip of Africa. 13 ships were hit when the reached the Cape of Good Hope, and 4 ships, including the one Dias was on, sunk.