5th grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 3/28/16

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have been enjoying the extended weekend and have "Hoppy" plans for family time this Easter!

This Week

On Tuesday and Wednesday students will be taking the 1st administration of the Math and Science STAAR. Students received 2 letters on Friday discussing some important reminders for the big days including snacks, cell phones and other electronics, backpacks, lunch visitors, schedule changes, and how to begin the day test ready.

  • Please have all students leave backpacks and all electronics (if at all possible) at home on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Students will have a different lunch and recess schedule on those days, so please no visitors.
  • Students will not need to bring their own pencils. I will be providing them with everything that they need including a snack on both days (animal crackers and Cheezits).
  • Students are welcome to bring their own lunch as always and additional snacks and their own water bottles. If your child brings their own snack, please ensure that it is a healthy and mess-free snack (for example: low sugar foods, no fruit cups or "cheesy fingers" foods).
  • Students may bring 2 books from home or borrow 2 of my books to read after they have finished their test.
  • Please encourage your child to get to bed early the night before and to eat a healthy, protein rich breakfast the day of. (McDonalds has a free breakfast sandwich for students grades 3-8 and teachers. View the website for more information.) http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mcdonalds-offers-free-breakfast-for-staar-test-300240655.html

Students have been working all year learning the concepts and skills necessary to do well on these tests. I have complete faith in all of my kiddos. They will truly show that they are "one with the force". May the skills be with them!

No Homework This Week

No Tutoring This Week

After the STAAR Tests

In Math we will be enjoying time for in-class projects, continuing to review and practice 5th grade skills, and increasing our logical reasoning skills as well as our number sense to help us become more prepared for 6th grade and beyond.

In Science we will be reviewing 4th and 5th grade skills to prepare for the Science STAAR test in May. There will be a Science Benchmark on April 7th, which will help me determine what our main focus of review will be on. Reviews will be interactive, fun, and very valuable! Please have your child at school everyday possible!

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 29th: Math STAAR test for 5th grade and Writing STAAR test for 4th grade (STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Wednesday 30th: Reading STAAR for 5th grade (STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Monday April 4th: Report Cards go home; Horizons Showcase at the Berry Center (Congratulations to Carson E. for representing 5th grade!)
  • Thursday April 7th: Science Benchmark
  • Monday April 18th: BizTown Interviews
  • Monday & Tuesday May 9th & 10th: 3rd and 4th Grade STAAR testing (STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Wednesday May 11th: Science STAAR ((STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Friday May 27th: 5th Grade Day and Talent Show