April News

from Miss Amanda's Studio

Upcoming Events: Music Fest and Spring Recital

Just a note to mark your calendar for two special upcoming performances...

Music Fest on Saturday, April 23rd at Piano Central from 9am to noon.
Signup is open this week online. http://tinyurl.com/MusicFest2016signup

Spring Recital, Friday, May 20th, 7:30pm at Stratton Hall

I've sent a personal email to everyone with the details about what pieces your child should be working on to prepare for these events. Music Fest pieces should be memorized, but students will still need to bring their music for the judge. Recital pieces do not need to be memorized!

Important note for Music Fest participants: Please erase any pencil markings in your pieces and number the measures for the judge. I've tried to get to everyone's pieces, but may have left out a few. Just be sure to prepare your music so that it is a clean copy if possible :)

A big thank you!

Thank you, parents, for the privilege of teaching your children this year. I've truly enjoyed watching the progress they've made in the last 7 months. I am so proud of you all and the hard work you've put in each week preparing for lessons and working to finish up the skillmasters goals. If you have any questions about the remaining skillmasters goals, check your progress reports or you can send Janene an email in the office. She will have my notebook and can give you a quick update. The last day for skillmasters goals to be completed is April 30th. You have done an AWESOME job this year....so many of you have finished early! Yeah!

Welcome to the world, Miss Kathryn Grace!

Kathryn Grace made her entrance in to the world this past Tuesday, April 5th, at 8:28pm. She is a beautiful, happy and healthy baby. Daddy and I are enjoying her very much!
Wishing you all the best as you finish out the year! I am planning to be at the Spring Recital and can't wait to hear your pieces! I know Melissa Yowell will take good care of you!

With gratitude,
Miss Amanda