C.S Lewis

Preshish Yancey

C.S lewis

Lewis made the book The Chronicles of narnia. This picture of him in the side is one of his famous mormons picture . Lewis was a good book writer. When he writes at of them are science fiction. He wrote a few poems and poetry. His top selling book was the chronicles of narnia the lion the witch the wardrobe . The main idea of the book is that lucy and her brother and sisters get sent away cause war then they go to this old mans house and they wonder around the house and finds a wardrobe.

C.S Lewis

he had also made lots of books he made three books that were neat like out of the silent planet, voyage to venes and the hideous strecth .

C.S Lewis full name is clive staples lewis


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If you want to get more books that C.S Lewis wrote than you can go on google or some websites that sell his book or go to local stores like books a million.

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what i like about this book

I only read seven chapters of the book and i like it it is very good and interesting to read so far the rising action came so now stuff is happening like no one believes lucy edmund knows that lucy is telling the truth but he is lying anyways and saying that it is her imaginenation but now he knows that the wardrobe can lead you in a new world that has fauns evil witch or snow queen she is so mean that she lets it staywinter all the time .