Inquiry & Research I Charts

Kristin Novarro

What is an Inquiry & Research I-chart?

Inquiry and research charts are similar to KWL charts. They are an organizational tool to keep what we know, want to know and what we learned during research activities. This is a great tool for students who are going to visit several media sources. I-charts encourage students to listen or read about new information to find answers to their questions.

Inquiry & Research I- Charts

How it works

Planning Phase

1. Decide on a topic.

2. Provide each student with a blank copy of an I-chart.

3. Guide students in choosing questions about the topic.

4. Collect materials (websites, books, articles,etc.)

Interacting Phase

1. Explore materials

2. Share facts

3. Read & Reread

Intergrading/Evaluating Phase

1. Research

2. Compare

3. Summarize

4. Report

How can a teacher use an Inquiry & research I-Chart?

What is it good for?

  • I-Charts can be used with small groups, whole groups or individually.
  • "I- Charts can serve as an evaluation tool for how much a student has learned about a topic." (
  • I-Charts teach young student to generate meaningful questions about a topic.
  • I-Charts foster critical thinking and strengthen reading skills
  • Various perspective are explored when students use I-charts.


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