Miss Niedringhaus November 30, 2015


11-30-15: Bring in Pennies!

12-1-15: Bring in Nickles!

12-2-15: Bring in Dimes!

12-3-15: Bring in Quarters!

12-3-15: Meeting at Bread Co. on Mid Rivers to discuss Christmas Party!

12-4-15: Bring in Dollars!

12-4-15: Spelling Test 14

Please remember to fill out the party sheet that was sent home last Tuesday! Also, we are collecting items for our adopt a family. This flyer is posted on Schoology!


Reader’s Workshop

Students will:

· Know and use text features to locate key information in a text efficiently.

· Identify the main idea and details in a text.

Determine the central message in a text.

Writer’s Workshop

Students will:

· Participate in shared research and writing project of Native American tribes.

· Create audio recordings about their Native American tribe.

Spelling/Phonics: Pattern (igh)

high, thigh, sighed, fight, night, right, sight, tight, flight,

slight, mighty, bright, alright, delight, flashlight, highway

Vocabulary: hide, instrument, setting

Text: A Boy Called Slow, Dream Wolf, The Gift Horse, Knots on a Counting Rope,The Legend of the Indian Paint Brush, The Buffalo are Back

Math: Topic 8: Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Lessons Include: Regrouping 10 Ones for 1 Ten

Models to Add Two- and One-Digit Numbers

Adding Two- and One –Digit Numbers

Models to Add Two-Digit Numbers

Adding Two-Digit Numbers