A Supper with Dr. Stuart Lingo

Monday, October 22nd 6:45pm @ the Tyler Cafeteria

Dr. Stuart Lingo; 2012 CASVA Kress Senior Fellow

Dr. Stuart Lingo is an Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Washington. His research focuses on the complex culture of the late Renaissance (c.1520-1600) and he has studied archaism and retrospection as responses to concerns about religious and social identity; more specifically, the study of ways in which artistic styles signify and make meaning. His publications include Federico Barroci. Allure and Devotion in Late Renaissance Painting (Yale, 2008). His current project is entitled, Bronzions Bodies: The Fate of Michelangelesque Art in an Age of Reform.


Appetizers: Monique & Kaitlin

Main course: Brad & Scott

Side Dish: Diane, Devon & Jason

Salad: Bethany & Rachael

Bread: Scott

Dessert: Aliza, Suzanne & Tiffany

Drinks: Cate & Danielle

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Please feel free to email Scott Gratson (sgratson@temple.edu) or Tiffany Hunt (tiffany.hunt@temple.edu) for any logistics questions.