Saving the Water in the DRC

What is the Problem

The DRC has a serious water problem. The water they drink, swim in, and bathe in is most likely contaminated. There is a parasite in the water called schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis is a parasite that goes inside you as a host then lays eggs inside you. It gives you anemia and malnutrition. It is a deadly parasite that mostly everyone in the DRC have. We are asking you, We the People, to fund us on this trip, so we can bring schistosomiasis to an end.

The Solution

The spring box is a great solution to get rid of schistosomiasis. It is basically a natural spring that gives out clean and fresh water. if there was only clean water then the disease would start to go away. If We the People funded us then we could go to different African tribes and install spring boxes. if we did we could bring the disease to and end!


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